Mumbai lovestory😘

This is the post excerpt.

Two routes…
Two locals..

Two different directions..

But same platform..started their love story..

Jo hai….

Jo man me hai wo juban pe nahi..
Jo jubaan pe hai wo man me nahi..
Jo hai dimag me chal raha wo acharan me nahi..
Jo acharan me hai wo dimag me nahi..
Jo hasi hai surat pe wo asli nahi..
Jo aasu hai.asli wo kisiko dikhte nahi..
Jo hai ulzane unki sulzane ki fitrat hi nahi..
Jo.hai fitrat unki wo hame samjhati nahi..
Jo hai saath me usme khushi nahi..
Jo nahi hai saath usko pane ki chahate bhi kam nahi..
Kya suru hai is jeevan ka iska kuch ehsaas hi nahi…
Jo socha hai khayala me uska bhi kuch ata pata hi nhi..

Dreamy Night….

You are the sunshine to my dreamy night..
The ray of hope for all my fights..

Your the rock to the waves of my inner sea…
The support which I always gonna need…

When I get tired of all the struggles just hear your voice…
Because I know , that chivalrous tune will help me to Rise …

Your smile makes me feel alive time to time..
I really thank god for gifting me such beautiful Heartline..

Don’t Fade away…Just Shine bright….
Bceacuse Your my sunshine in those scary Nights….