Mumbai lovestoryšŸ˜˜

This is the post excerpt.


Two routesā€¦
Two locals..

Two different directions..

But same platform..started their love story..


You are like a sunshine in the world of darkness ..
Who made me ALIVE from my numbness ..

You are the peace in the world of Chaos…
I love to rest my head on the shoulder of yours…

Your are the flower who makes everyone smile…
I wanna travel with you to the Miles…

Hey , are you the answer to the prayers I made..
Then hold my hand till the sun of this life sets…

Hey love , you are like the sand slipping from my hand…
Who will never leave his existence till the End…

Im really gracious for our togetherness…
Because Your are my sunshine in the world of Darkness…

Chalate Chalate..

….Chalate chalte yuhi koi mil gaya tha…
Anjaane me hi sahi koi sapanasa rubaroo ho gaya tha..

…Jaane kaha yu chupake wo baitha hua tha ab talak..
Gumnam in rahoo pe kyu thi dhundalasi wo sadak…

….Par ab milne se usake kayi baahare jo khil uthi hai..
Par Na jaane kitani ulzane uske sath aan padi hai…

….Saare khwabo ki parchai banke jo wo aya hai..
Jaise odhane mathe pe mere , us chandani ki chunar banake wo laya hai…

….Par Har khwab ho jaye jo pura to jindagi apne khel kaise hi khel payegi..
Chune jo bhi raah hum sirf fulo se bin kaato ke kaise wo sajayegi…

…..Ab to raina bhi bit jati hai chaand ko takte takte..
Uski yado me aksar khoye rehte hai ab,jo mil gaya tha yuhi chalate chalate …

Hey girl…

Hey girl,i know ur tortured soul..
But ur a face of an angel..

There are many people who wil put u down..
But just rise always to snatch ur crown..

Those black souls wil molest your body and soul…
They do so because they are jealous of your high goal..

Just look in the mirror and think no one can beat u..
Your here to gather all those feathers which are for you…

Don’t let world to ravel u in those rituals and stereotypes..
Prove them ur more than just a body like a magnificent light ..

Never forget that a hurt lion is more dangerous..
Ur inner beauty and confidence is what makes u marvelous..

Just get up to fulfil ur dream and to touch the sky..
I know ur tortured soul but this world really need to see ur anger and reply…


Aj kholi wo purani kitaab to kuch panne mude huye dikhe..
Padhne lagi wo kitab age age to kayi kisse ashko pe ane lage…
Kaise hum zagadte the hamesha us akhri mezz pe..
Na jane kitani hi baate suni hogi us nachiz ne..

Surwat to hamari gehri dosti se huyi ..
Tumara chakkar kahi dusari jagah aur hamari b apni alag khoj suru huyi…
Yad aye Wo din, jab chugliya karne baithathe hum apne sathidaro ki..
Wo chupak chupake lagane me peg jo ki hai tumane,kaise chukaunhi karz un upkaro ki .,
Jo yuhi ghumate the dinbhar apne scooter par..
Kabhi kabhi shantise baithke ginte the taare chat par…
Gairo se Hamesha hi uthata tha sawaal hamare rishte pe…
Ham has ke tal dete the bat,jab ki man thi wahi bat dono ke..
Badle din,gaye kuch saal gujar..
Kaha ho tum,kaha hum na hai ek dusare ki khabar..
Muskurate huye socha ki chalo yaad kr le wo khatti mithi bate aur wo pal…
Akhirkar pati hi to bane ho,dhundne lenge us yar ko ekdusare me sath milkar..


Shayad jara deri hogayi tumare jindagi me ane ki..
Ya kya pata aise hi likhi kahani thi hamare paas ane ki..

Kabhi sochu ye kyu aye ho tum ab jindagi me..
To jawab me mil jata hai ki shayad hamari ye kavitaye puri karne ke liye..

Par kya bas itana hi kam tha tumara hamre jindagi me,,
To kyu yaade tumari kasar nahi chodhati kabhi hume satane me..

Yu to hum hamesha hi najar andaj kar dete hai jab tumara nam ata hai mehfilo me…
Kyuki pata jo hai, kuch nhi rakha ab firse un galiyo me..

Fir b kyu khudko nahi rok pate tumare yado me khone se..
Palak zapktehi kyu dikhti hai tasweer tumari har kone me..

Waise tumare bin jina itana bhi bura nahi.
ya shayad hamare dil ko ye sach gawara nhi..

kahe to,hum aj bhi MUNTAJIR hai doharane ko wo kahani..
Par shayad ab yado me hi rahegi baate wo rumani………

Ekala chala chal..

Raahi hai tu is manjar ka , tu ekala chala chal…

Bina koi ashaa ke tu yuhi akela chal pad..

Na rahe in rahho pe koi sath to gum na kar..

agar hai koi saathi to chalate reh par usase man na lagakar..

Jaruri nahi har kadam pe ho pathar ya sitare..

ye jindagi ki raahe aur inke tarike hai bade nyare..

Tu bas apne manjil pe rakh dhyan , bana laksh use apana…

Mat rote baith agar tut jaye koi sapna..

Agar chutt jaye tera sayam bure dino me,to ache samay ko yad kar..

tu to hamesha hi rahega rahi akela,yuhi muskurake chala chal..


Thodi akhon me thi nami..
Jindagi me kuch to thi thodi kami..
Jab aye the tum jindagi me..
Tab achi yado pe thodi dhul hi thi jami..

Tum aye to samjha ha aur hai bahot kuch pane ke liye..
Jindagi ke pas to hajar tarike hai satane ke liye..
Par agar haske dekho us ulzan ko to sulzane lagti hai wo apne ap hi..
Akhirkar bahana to mile khudko kahi rizane ke liye..

Choti choti Khushiyo ko dekhne ka najariya jo tumane hame bataya hai..
Sach kahe to jine ka maksad ab samaj aya hai..
Ab ankho me nami narajgi se nahi par khushiyo ki hoti hai..
Hamare din ki bhi shurwat ab muskaan se hi hoti hai..