That day while looking out of the window..i saw the real SKY…
The sky who is just like us….

Sometimes he be with many stars…
One day..he be with no one..just empty..

There are the times ,when tears are also dropped..
Sometimes he cries loudly, but sometimes he weeps….

And then some njoy his pain but there are some people who blames….
Rain at this hour …why god why …

When he is happy , the dances with the winds..
And His anger always creates scotching heat…

He shows his mood swings with the beautiful shades of colors…
Sometimes with dusk n dawn , sometimes with rainbows and sometimes with.the help of.his bird fellows….

But every night he sleeps in the arms of his love..
the Time when moon comes , Sky Really Glows..

Be the Moon…

Dont wait for the sunrise..its a cliche..
you can start a journey with a moon rise..

Just like moon never sets , keep urself up all the time..
when someone takes over you , through the brightness..wait for your night..

Be the someone who gets praised all the time..
not like sun for whom things changes time to time..

Have some stability in your life..
be brighter sometimes and dim your light sometimes..

Glow on the full moon , to show them what you are able to do..
hide somewhere like a no moon day , let them miss u too..

Let someone talk looking at you peacefully ..
Just dont wait for ur the moon to enlight..


Kyu man me yu ek alag hi koi bechaini hai..
Kyu ankho me in hamesha namisi hi hai.

Kyu ghabara jata hai ye dil ajkal yuhi kisi bat pe..
kyu mere dil ki dastak ajkal itani sehmisi hai..

kabhi apne jo hojaye dur kafi yuhi,kabhi paraye jo apne ban jate hai..
samjha hi na paye ye man , har chehare ne kaunsi sachai chupayi si hai,..

kya chupa hai is waqt ke taraju me , jo tolna nhi chahati hu mai ..
shayad isiliye jindgi bhi khamosh si huyi padi si hai..

Jo soch thi jeevan ke raah ki wo kabhi jo na dikhi..
kuch to hai jo khalipan sa hai , kuch to alag hi berukhasi hai..

Na jaane kya chhut gaya hai piche itana jo pata hi nhi hame..
Bas yuhi hamesha lagta hai ki jaise Chai me Chini ki kafi kamisi hai..

Eyes …..

Even stars would fall for the silence of your eyes..
Whenever they speaks it feels like sunrise..
The twinkle in them gives me the joy of living..
They Just takes me to the world of dreaming..
Those fine lines which comes near ur eyes wen u laugh aloud..
It feels like u have vanished the crowd ..
That wink always gives me goosebumps and makes me shy..
That teasing gives me reasons to be more alive …
Just wanna plea you to never cry..
I really want only stars should get chance to fall from ur eye…