Found home

While travelling here and there…

In countries..
He found home in someone’s heartšŸ˜..


Hamari jindagi me khwabo ki alag hi jagah hoti hai…

Inhi khwabo se hi to kuch pane ki khwahishein hoti hai..

In khwabo ko pane ke liye hi to hamari duniya se bhi jang hoti hai..

Umar ke har padaw pe badalte hai roop in khwabon ka..

Bachpan me jise bana tha pilot, jawani me use hi ache naukari ki chahat hoti hai..

Par is bhid me bhi hai jo paa lete hai apne sapno ko…

Unki bhi apni ek alag hi kahani hoti hai..

Hum to musafir hai jo bas jee rahe hai jindagi dhakke kha kha ke…

Par hamari khwabo ki parchai hamesha hamare sath hoti hai…

Ye khwab hi to,jo dete hai jindagi ka maksad hume…

Yahi to hai apni ek cheez..jise hum jab chahe tab badal sakte hai..


Jindagi ki rahe bhi badi ajeeb hoti hai.. kabhi pathar,kabhi kaate ya kabhi fulon se bhari hoti haiā€¦

Chalate chalate mil jate hai kayi musafir hame.. par unki parchayiyan bhi kaha hamesha sath hoti haiā€¦

De jate hai kitani yade ye musafirā€¦ inhi yado ke sahare hi to jindagi jina asan hoti haiā€¦

Par kabhi in musafiro se dil na lagana ae dost..kyuki chodh jab jate hai ye to dil tutane ki awaj kaha hoti hai..

Kabhi hasati hai,kabhi rulati hai ye raaheā€¦inhi rasto se hi jindagi me kisso ki bharmar hoti haiā€¦..

Phulo ki raho me rahenge sath hajaro log,rahoge akele katon peā€¦kathin rahe pasand kise hoti haiā€¦

Doraho pe aao tum kabhi to mud ke dekh lena picheā€¦purani raaho me hi jababo se mulakat hoti haiā€¦

Hasate rehana hamesha in jindagi ki raho meā€¦musakurahato se hi jindagi mukkamal hoti haiā€¦

In rasto ko hum kabhi chaho bhi to chodh nahi sakte..Ye jindagi aur in rasto pe chalte chalate hi jindagi khatam hoti haiā€¦