End..A brutal but most realistic word..
I think , its like the soul of our body..
A soul can demise only after your sepreation from this world so this word END too..
But as human we never accept the reality..so we never accept this word..
Though we should..beacuse i just realise when u accept that EVERYTHING HAS END..ur troubles n pain in life also gets decreased..
They say nothing is permanent..yeah bcz everything have END..like
Your outer beauty will end one day..though inner beauty will never fade ..
Your lovestory will end one day..though it will have happy ending or sad ending..
Your pains will be end one day..though it might take gud turn or bad turn..
Your dreams will end one day..though u will either fulfil it or you will leave it due to continuous failures…
Your freedom is gonna end one day..though it will b your choice or u will b forced to do it..
And Yeah one fine day..your life will also END…

So what i wanna just say..live each moment of your life..bcz this moments also have END…
Do accept that what is started will END one day..and decrease your pains..
Just keep a curve on your face..and hope for the best after every END..

12 thoughts on “END…..”

  1. Yes, enjoy the moment, it won’t come again… thanks for sharing… 🙂
    “Dying is merely the process of transferring from mortality to immortality, from one state of being to another state of being, from one dimension to another dimension, etc. depending on one’s personal beliefs… one should not dwell on the hereafter much or one will miss all the wonderful moments in the present…” (Author Unknown)

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  2. Yes, this is very cute. Along with the generational and cultural articulations. I was just telling Aishwarya today, that life is short…so eat dessert first. And yes, do everything else too, because there really aren’t that many tomorrows, as we’ve discovered, even tomorrows end.


  3. That’s the cruel fact of life.
    Although that’s the universal truth i,e “what’s comes to you, has to go”.
    As every coin got two sides, so we have to be ready to be comfortable with what is coming to our way..!
    Really convinced with your thoughts 🙂👍..


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