Sometimes I Wish..

Sometimes i wish, we wouldn’t have met..
because the story of now would b
differently set…

May b my mind would have been on rest..
or may b it would have been finding someone deserving to chase..

Possibly my smile would have been more real,than so fake….
That time which i spend in crying for u,could have been used for my own stake…

Before you , I used too love my sleeps..
now i only cuddle my blanket and take sighs deep..

That time when you were in my life,i simply can’t forget…
I Just hope will get you back, bcz once again i wanna sleep in your jacket…

24 thoughts on “Sometimes I Wish..”

  1. You have a baroque style of presenting your thoughts in poems that I have read on this blog -Highly ornate, ornamental in style” it is heavily and pleasantly decorated. The central idea and the pain oozes out and is not contained by the adjectives and hence makes it a very pleasant experience. The reader can not go back not feeling TOUCHED ! Wonderful. keep it up.

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