I wanted to..

I wanted to talk to you whole night,though i chose too maintain silence..
I wanted to dive down in your eyes,though i chose to neglect eye-connections..
I wanted to hold your hand,though i just slipped my own fingers in each other..
I wanted to have those night walks again,though i chose to walk alone now..
I wanted to hug you badly,though i chose to just wave hand from distance..
I wanted to kiss u madly,though i decided to just show u up a curve on my lips…
I wanted to love u crazily,though when u wanted..i chose to let you go..
I never wanted end up with u,so i just kept a hope..

(My first try in english..Suggestions are welcomed)

42 thoughts on “I wanted to..”

  1. It’s so nice.. keep it up.. ❣️Words are Always beautiful if written with beautiful soul🖤
    Welcome at scattered words from the bottom of my heart..

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  2. Very sensual poem about infatuation, unrealised or unfulfilled love. Please, keep writing in English too. If this is really your first poem in this language well… congrats! And thanks for the follow!

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  3. If we were singing Marrakech Express by Crosby, Stills and Nash, you could even spell it Marrakesh…esh. But wishesh will always be spelled wishes. Sounding like ez…wish…ez. I love your work and will read more in the coming days.

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