That Fragnance…

They say..everyone have unique fragnance..and you fall for that when u love someone..

So was she..
It was always been difficult for him to give her surprise visit as she would always recognise him…
After so many years too,she never forgot that fragnanace…

Suddenly that a temple..she felt that feeling again…That fragnance,those high heartbeats was there again..

She knew he must b here…

7 thoughts on “That Fragnance…”

  1. बस एक खुशबू की तलाश में क़दम चलते-चलते इतनी दूर चले आए
    वरना ज़िंदगी ने तो चंद क़दमों के बाद ही रुकने की ज़िद पकड़ ली थी


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