Train Date😁

When they met for the first time..some old memories of both the life got light..and the new bond of friendship got bounded..

There 2nd meeting was different ..the bond actually got strong..but from one side only..other side thought of loosing it..
But destiny had something different than anyone’s imagination..
When she thought may b there is no bond..the train helped them to rebound…

Dat day When she hurriedly called him..asking for help to get to her hometown by train in which he was travelling..n yeah he said yes…But which story will b joyful without twist..hence for her the time was so less to reach station..

She ran..she drove crazily .. to be at catch the catch him ..n he too was eagerly waiting for her..for a while she thought she will not make through it. But he conveniencex her that she can..

finally she was on station at right time…but alas on wrong platform…she was totally tired..she decided to let it he convienced her again…n she started running…with that luggage

When she finally saw him..she ran towards they will never meet again…that hug those feelings were totally new..n then there story of train date got started…with lots of midnight talks,music and some other things too😉..

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