Just a thought about songs


Songs always have been a great source of entertainment or relaxation from ages…

We always get atleast one song which really seems to connect with our life..or our situation..or our persona..or our mood..
I always get connected to “maana ke hum yaar nahi” , “kuch to bata jindagi” and “hawayein”..really beatifully composed.. beautifully sang..

So while listening to those just got a thought..that..

There are so many faces of songs..

Songs can make us happy..they can make us sad…they can be used to curse someone..or to praise someone..they can make u dance..or can make u asleep…songs can help u in expressing feelings..or they can be use to hide real emotions….

They are always there for u..so lets take a moment to really thank to the world of music as they have given us so many beautiful song..

And also..on a beautiful evening..while seeping cofee..lets think which song describe us or our situation most..

12 thoughts on “Just a thought about songs”

  1. Hi, it’s nice to meet you. Thanks for following my blog. I can relate to this topic very well. I love music of all genres and from around the world, music is universal, it transcends barriers and brings joy to all who listen, and it soothes the soul.


      1. Hi, sorry for the late response. I haven’t been on here for long that they froze my account. I couldn’t get on , post or comment. I just figured out how to fix it, so I am back. I am so far behind. I need to catch up with everyone.


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